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the code orange relaxation  techniques mix CD

Due to popular demand, warm weather, and international craving for slinky, bad-ass beats, you can order a copy in the U.S.A. The mix was produced for promo not mass consumption so availability is limited and the cost is dirt cheap, $12.99 plus $2.00 for USPS shipping (Credit cards processed securely through PayPal.com)

What's Goin' On >

This mix was originally put together for some homies who had been dropping ill DJ mixes on us all winter. It was packaged up later so we could hit people off at the Winter Music Conference in Miami and it took off from there. It's made up half from beats we've been making in the Subatomic lab and half from music I've been listening to during Code Orange alert, because don't we all need to relax and let our minds go for a New York minute or two?

The mix includes five new right-out-of-the-lab Subatomic tracks that have barely even touched human ears and are otherwise unavailable. On top of that there is some Scientifik DJ cut and scratch remix business. Preview some unmixed individual songs like the still smoking Subatomic Lounge Dub and Process Of Illumination. Also in the mix are versions of Chocolate Factory (used in the Ming FS remix), Reconnected, the Why I Smoke Bidi remix, and others you've never heard before.

The Breakdown >

The whole mix has a chillout vibe with lots of bass aimed to counteract the Code Orange alert stress we've been under. The Subatomic tracks are all on the smooth tip and the non-Subatomic tracks consist of some serious dub reggae, laid back hip hop and downtempo vibes. The non-Subatomic tracks in the mix are all from serious cats who deserve major props. In other words, you should consider having at least one album by each of those other artists on the playlist if you don't already.

FAQ > When Should I Listen to Code Orange Relaxation Techniques ?

So far listeners have confirmed that the following activities and situations are enhanced, improved or in some cases made near perfect when accompanied by Code Orange Relaxation Techniques: Sitting on front steps watching the sunset while smoking (particularly during track 3), making love to your better half, chilling Sunday morning while recovering from Saturday night, winding down before passing out Saturday night, underground on a stalled subway delayed by another 'police investigation underway at Union Square', sipping a stiff drink with a slice of fruit hanging off the glass, working late into the night under fluorescent lighting, anywhere where you are exposed to sunshine. These days, the question is really more when not listen. (Feel free to get back to us with suggestions)

How This Mix Came About >

To quote Run DMC, times have been 'rough and tough like leather' in New York City. Some people thought of it as a surreal golden age until the internet bubble burst, planes fell out of the sky, people died, lost jobs, economy plummeted, Jam Master Jay was senselessly murdered, and people are left broke, without work, and living in media hyped fear of everything from anthrax to suicidal dirty bombers.

Part of our government's new homeland security initiative was to implement a color coded terror alert scheme for the country. In case you don't know, Code Red is the highest alert and bascially means we are under attack. Code Orange is the next level down. New York has been at that level since September 11th, 2001.

Date >

March 1st, 2003

Location >

New York City, NY - USA

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