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< Anthony B "Dem Can't Stop We From Talk" remix digital release >
< exclusive on Beatport Tuesday Feb 21 >
< released on iTunes and everywhere March 6 >
< mind bending remixes by SaBBo, Dubmatix, Stereotyp, Frikstailers, Dubblestandart, Fuzzy Logic, Process Rebel, DJ Child, Chicus, Ancient Astronauts and Nate Mars >

< Two new ltd 7" vinyls! political scorchers w/Anthony B! >
< Riddims by Dubblestandart, Subatommic Sound, & Nomadic Wax
< available in US, Europe, & Japan. Shipping worldwide >

< Ltd edition 12" vinyl out today in USA, Europe, & Japan >
< Digital out worldwide on Juno, Amazon, iTunes and others >
< Check the video for Elephant Man w/Subatomic Sound System, Stereotyp, Ming, & Dubblestandart >

< NYC-2-Africa release is out NOW, a Subatomic Sound, Nomadic Wax, Peoples Records (JA) collaboration featuring Anthony B, Jahdan, & Bajah. Digital on iTunes, Juno, and everywhere.>
CURRENTLY #9 on the Juno UK Top 10 dancehall chart! Buy it to help get this important music to #1!

OUT NOW! USA, EU, & JAPAN! "Hello, Hell is Very Low" ltd edition 7" Subatomic meets Lee Scratch Perry & Ari Up (RIP) of the Slits together for the 1st time on record. Sadly Ari's last release during her lifetime. Big support from BBC radio. Check the fantastic review from WIRE magazine.

"Chrome Optimism" limited edition 12" vinyl out now in the U.S., Europe, & Japan! Dubblestandart meets David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry. Out digitally on iTunes, Juno, Amazon, Beatport and more.

Blackboard Jungle Vol.1 & 2 digital release available now on Juno, iTunes, Beatport and many more. Get it!

< vinyl 12", Blackboard Jungle, dubstep exclusive w/Lee Scratch Perry, Dubblestandart, Jahdan, & Subatomic Sound System out now!>
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Rush Special: $16.00 total using priority USPS 3-day shipping in the U.S.

< Download this digital release only EP featuring King Django, Pete Miser, Herb D and Subatomic beats by Emch and Tha Riddim Doktor on Itunes, Emusic, Napster and others>

< The full instrumental analog echo drenched album featuring Andrew Carras and Emch plus a bonus vocal track featuring Treasure Don is now available on Itunes, Amazon, Emusic, Napster and many more >

Dub Champions' continuous mix CD, Rolling, is available right here. The cost is $12.99 including USPS shipping in the U.S.A.

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