Infinite Wheel Home of Dub Selector pages: It's a flash website. It's a video game. It's a musical instrument. It's all of those with cool graphics and great dub reggae music that you mix for hours.

Modus Vivendi Music The SUBATOMIC SOUND SYSTEM album 'On All Frequencies' is being released in conjunctoin with Modus Vivendi. Cool likeminded record label, musicians, and producers based out of L.A., Mexico, and Berlin. Squishy, tactile website. Good for killing time on.

Nomadic Wax Records A NYC based label dedicated to global hip hop, particuarly from Africa and Senegal. Started by Benny Beats who plays percussion with Subatomic Sound System and Dub Champions. Benny appears on Fly Free and Heart of Gold off of the SUBATOMIC SOUND SYSTEM album 'On All Frequencies'

Bass Drive BassDrive is a 24/7 drum and bass radio station featuring live shows with guest DJs, as well as broadcasts from venues all over the world representing drum and bass & jungle music.

Drum 'n Bass Arena One of the original DnB sites from the UK. News, dub plates, producer tips and DJ discussion.

Dogs On Acid All things drum and bass administered by the UK crew Bad Company. Message Board and the latest dub plates, producer tips and DJ discussion.

Raw42 UK DnB site also gathering all the strictly drum and bass producers from cyberspace. Check out the charts, reviews, and features by old school drum and bass heads in the thick of it.

Jammyland NYC based record store selling all the best selection of roots reggae, dub, and dancehall in the U.S.A.

Breakbeat Science NYC based jungle/drum&bass record store. The first all drum and bass store in the USA.

Digital Bombing LA dnb and hip hop site. Lots of real audio and some nice huge mp3s of some rare DJ sets. Check out the blazing Ed Rush set from Nation.

Electronic Scene A positive site for online music and producers. Includes a great bulletin board and free hosting of mp3s. Long standing DnB site. A lot of online DnB producers, reviews, charts, streaming dub plates, etc. An online magazine and message board run by US jungle and drum and bass fans.

Jungle Scene A West coast jungle site with a big busy message board... Online Radio- Live broadcasts every evening from the UK Articles that highlight specific labels or artists. A good place to check out new tracks and styles.   UK pirate radio connection.

Knowledge Mag   UK drum and bass & hip hop mag. Up to date news, interviews, reviews of albums, singles, mp3s, and UK club nights. Word up.

GrooveTech   Jungle, hip-hop, and techno streaming music broadcasts(live and archived) based out of Seattle and San Francisco.

Jungle Voodoo online mag targeting drum'n'bass, updated daily, articles, contests, reviews, interviews, message board & more.

Global Hip Hop & Global Electronica Mainstream & experimental hip-hop & electronica news, crews & sounds.

Drum and Bass Arena The comprehensive UK dnb site. Worldwide news, new tracks, and streaming versions of dubplates!

The Vibes Straight outta Italy, drum-n-bass, acid jazz, and trip-hop reviews and sounds.

Sol-I Live NYC drum and bass outfit on Shadow Records featuring Spit Stix former drummer of Fear and SUBATOMIC SOUND SYSTEM's own Noah tha Riddim Doktor on live bass and keys.

Jojo Mayer-Prohibited Beatz Major catalyst for live drum and bass experimentation in NYC, hyper (technical) drummer Jojo Mayer runs his own weekly party with DJs and live performers.


Limachips Press
  Independent press founded by the infamous O.J. Lima aka Dale Turner. Home to great books, streaming mixes from NYC's finest DJs, and hilarious commentary.

Move On
  A great place to get involved with politics and issues in the U.S. of A.

Domain Direct
  By far the best site for registering your website domain name. Free domain forwarding, web mail, email forwarding, hit stats and even META tag entries and search engine submission. - In other words, kicks the ass of Network Solutions or Register.clown

Esther Moux
  Good friend and good visual artist from NYC. A good installation.

Chris Burnside
  Another good friend and good visual artist from NYC (formerly from Seattle). Soon to be manning the visuals at Dub Champions shows.
  Just by visiting this site, a meal will be donated to one of the millions of starving people in the world.

Consumption Junction
  Unsightly audio and video clips that turn your stomach. Entirely unmusical and disharmonius.
Great gift ideas for irritating bosses, land lords, or noisy neighbors during the holidays.


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